Crawler Cranes

For those of us in the construction world, we know there are few sights quite as glorious as the crawler crane. The huge machine handles only the most specific and strenuous of tasks. All successful machines are made up of cogs which work in unison, and the crawler crane is a particularly important part of the cog.

The crawler crane, however, leaves a slightly larger legacy than some of its predecessors. While they offered power and strength, the crawler crane invokes the images of all of the great buildings we see today – massive skyscrapers, flats, offices and shopping centres all helped to be put together by a crawler crane.

Mounted on a set of moving tracks, the crawler crane is able to move about with supreme stability and balance to ensure it can do its task to the utmost efficiency. The design allows for the crane to be able to take huge payloads in weight and take them hundreds of feet into the sky, and move them with ease to wherever need be. The crawler crane was one of the most efficient designs in construction, offering easy moving of huge obstacles or easy movement of resources across site in an instant.

Noticeable as they scale higher than anything else in the city, the crawler crane provides the bulk of the heavy moving in today’s construction. They can take anything up to 3,500 tonnes of material, allowing for an insane amount of power to be generated by the machine – as well as balance and precision – to pull off such a feat. The accuracy is nothing to be sniffed at, either, as it offers pretty precise drops and movements of massive quantities which would take men a large portion of the day to move.

Well-built crawler cranes are easy to take apart and be re-assembled at a different point, should transport not be possible. This makes them mobile as well as accurate, and once there is a procedure for actually assembling them, they can be extremely cost-efficient purchases by any construction business.

There are a huge amount of extra parts and modifications for crawler cranes, too. From shells, hooks, and grabs, there is a pretty big market out there for buying new parts and taming the crawler crane to be to your exact needs and specifications. Having been in service for over a century, the crawler crane is one of the most recognisable and historic pieces of machinery we have built today.

For many years, it has offered the simplicity of easy transport of goods which man could not feasibly lift in a convenient or efficient manner. The crawler crane has increased the quality of work while reducing the time it takes to finish a job in spades; it truly has provided construction with one of the few godsend devices out there.

Mobility aside, it is arguably the most useful piece of equipment a construction firm can have at present! This does not look to change anytime soon, either, with the consistent levels offered by the device makes it pretty hard to beat until we master teleportation!